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Institute for Climate and Energy Concepts


The Institute for Climate and Energy Concepts is a spin-off from the University of Kassel, Department of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Planning. Prof. Dr. Lutz Katzschner (former head of the Department of Environmental Meteorology) and Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Kupski (former research assistant in the Department of Environmental Meteorology) have been advising municipalities on issues relating to urban climate and climate change adaptation since summer 2013.

In addition to our guideline and standardization work at the VDI, we developed a modular GIS (mod_GIS) for the analysis of climatic concerns in the context of bioclimate and planning processes. Since 2007, we have been working intensively on the analysis and calculation of climate change scenarios and their projected impacts.

The focus of our work is sustainability in the sense of climate-sensitive and energy-efficient planning. By linking the different competencies in the respective fields of work (meteorology, regional and urban planning, geography as well as architecture and building physics), projects and innovative solutions can be developed on a cross-scale basis.

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Working fields

Working field urban climatology and environmental meteorology

We carry out climate analyses, advice on cold air, development planning or thermal comfort around buildings. With different models, we can also simulate different situations and future scenarios (including actual state, plan state, climate change scenarios). We are also happy to be available as expert advisors in competitions or advise on all aspects of climate change.

Working field climate-sensitive construction and planning

We also like to think things together when it comes to climate-adapted construction: a successful DGNB certification should take into account the micro- and urban climate and suitable building materials from the outset in order to enable sustainable urban and district development.We are also happy to advise on the topics of building physics and energy-efficient construction and renovation. That's why we also have certified DGNB auditors working for us - please feel free to contact us about certifications and ESG verification and what tasks we carry out.

We also offer the creation of climate adaptation concepts and heat action plans to sustainably support municipalities in adapting to climate change impacts in the short and long term.